The Gliga Story

Award winning violin maker, Mr Vasile Gliga, has been creating instruments since 1980 in his workshop in central Romania. Starting from humble beginnings working in a state-owned violin factory, his talent and passion for instrument making soon found him his independence hand-crafting just two violins per month from his own tiny workshop at home with the help of his wife.

His skills and attention to detail quickly found him international recognition which in time provided the resources for him to train other craftsmen in his style of making.

Sourcing his tone woods from the famous Carpathian Mountain region of central Europe, over the years, his range expanded from student to professional levels and to this day Mr Gliga offers European quality at very affordable prices.

Gliga’s success has allowed him to build and support a dance studio teaching Latin and Sports Dance methods to an international standard, a teaching facility and even a local soccer club.  In 2008 Mr Gliga was elected to the Romanian Parliament in which he works to further improve the lifestyle of his fellow Countrymen.